Our Approach

Our approach combines creative problem solving with the fundamentals of fundraising and management to achieve bottom-line results. We integrate our work with the theory and practice of Appreciative Inquiry, developed by David Cooperrider of Case Western Reserve University. A proven, assets-based methodolgoy in organizational development in the both the independent and corporate sectors, the appreciative approach recognizes that:

  • An organization grows in the direction in which it focuses attention
  • People support what they help to create
  • Higher levels of innovation come from a strengths-based approach to planning and development
  • The perspective from which a project is framed significantly affects the outcome
  • Change is profound and lasting when all stakeholders participate in envisioning, designing, and implementing the change


SOAR: Leveraging Strengths

Unlike the traditional SWOT analysis, we leverage our client's strengths as both an organization and a community of individuals. The appreciative approach accelerates the planning process by focusing on elements that generate positive energy in envisioning and planning an organization’s future.